A house built with the best of materials, with the most discriminating craftsmanship and innovative design is simply a well built house. It is only when careful consideration of the homeowner’s personal tastes and needs – the homeowner’s vision – becomes the guiding factor of construction that a fine house becomes a great deal more than simply the sum of its components. This why our process begins with listening.

At Outerbridge Construction Inc., we spend time with our clients. A collaborative sharing of ideas begins the process of identifying project parameters. Lifestyle expectations, location and architectural style preferences, as well as budget considerations form the groundwork. With this information and an assembled team of client, architect, interior designer and builder, clear direction is established. All project documents outlining specifications, design concepts, and budget requirements are presented for approval.

At specific points of construction inspections are performed by senior staff; all documents are reviewed and quality control standards validated. At certain critical stages, our senior staff will meet on-site with client, architect, and interior designer to assure all questions are answered.

During construction, we purposely let our clients know how much they are spending. If we are working under a ‘fixed price” contract, the client is kept up to date with change orders. We do not relish surprise billings at the end of construction. If a “cost-plus-fee” contract is used, we have an open book policy through which the client is supplied with copies of all original bills related to the project. The client will always pay only what we pay.

After construction is complete and we have finalized our punch-list work, we are far from finished. Three months after closing, we meet with our clients to review any additional items that require attention. When the one year warranty period is approaching, a re-inspection of the entire property is performed to insure no remaining issues exist.