Using the knowledge gained from eighteen years of costal construction experience, Outerbridge Construction Inc. continually strives to provide homes on the cutting edge. The products and systems we employ are re-evaluated on a regular basis. As technology innovates in new and exciting ways, so too, do we.


Modern advances in energy-conserving products (such as LED lights, composite-framed low-E windows, expansion foam insulation, and super-efficient mechanical systems) lead to electric bills that are a fraction of what would have been expected only 10 years ago.


Our homes are far less costly and time-consuming to maintain than island homes of the past.  Modern advances in composite exterior materials, coupled with the most advanced coating technologies, help us provide a product matched to our salty coastal environment.

Storm Resistance

Hurricane zone construction codes in southwest Florida are among the strictest in the world.  It is our goal to surpass this standard.  In addition to the desire to build a strong home, we want to make it as cost-effective to own as possible.  We do this by taking into account the highest standard required by the Uniform Storm Mitigation Inspection Form, incorporating these standards into our homes.  This helps to substantially reduce our clients’ insurance costs.


A home may be incredibly efficient, maintenance-free and hurricane proof but, if it lacks fit and finish, it falls unacceptably short.  We use a construction process which purposely targets points of construction where information is reviewed and quality control inspections are made.  The result of this process is a level of refinement only achieved through a lack of compromise.  Please visit “Our Process“ for more information.